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          “Letizia Gambi is that rare talent, a charismatic singer emboldened to take ambitious risks…she casts a vocal spell that , while not exclusively jazz, is nonetheless wistful and enchanting”

DownBeat Magazine June 2016





Webnotte, Letizia Gambi's Dream : on Jazz's wings with Lenny White

 The Most Popular web TV Show by Repubblica Letizia & Lenny guests with Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo


"When you dream you don't have the courage to dream so big", Letizia Gambi stated, the italian singer who gave a new sound to her neapolitan heritage collaborating with the legendary jazz musician Lenny White. "I had just experienced a hearing-loss on one ear and I was going to quit with the music, then I met him" the neapolitan artist said.  

"It was her spirit to inspire me and convince me", says Lenny , responsible for changing Letizia's life, starting teaching her lessons he have learned in his career from heroes like Miles Davis. Tonight they present the single "Blue Monday", the song who gives the title of the new album just released in Italy , on May 6th.


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